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Our Puppy Jumpstart Board and Train program is a 14-day training program for dogs less than 6 months old. This program is designed to introduce a very clear method of communication for your dog that will enable them to successfully adapt to at-home life with you.

Puppy Jumpstart Board and Train

We focus on implementing reliable potty training, setting the proper foundation of enjoyable crate time, setting an appropriate foundation for in-home manners, correct confidence-building and environment training exercises, and implementing a clear method to begin communicating with your pet as you get ready to train your pet for an enjoyable life together.

A puppy trainer has many years experience working with puppies. They know which techniques work best when teaching them new behaviors and will keep these in mind while training your puppy too. With this knowledge, they’ll be able to train your puppy in less time than it would take you alone.

The best age for the Puppy Jumpstart Program:

The Puppy Jumpstart program is typically best for dogs who are between the age of 2 to 6 months old. If your pup has already started teething, we recommend waiting until your pup has lost all its puppy teeth and enroll in our Basic Obedience Program. Puppies who are teething may occasionally experience a temporary decrease in appetite, which can make training difficult since we rely on using treats and food rewards for reinforcing trained and desirable behaviors.

Will my dog learn sit, down, and stay?

Due to the nature of puppies and the limited time in our care, our focus is on basic household manners and creating a reliable schedule for your pup. While puppies are often too young to master the basics of obedience, they are not too young to start learning how to seek out rewarding behaviors. During the 2 week period, we will begin implementing a clear method of communication and a reward system that will give the puppy a jumpstart into basic obedience. We have found that dogs who go through our puppy jumpstart program often have quicker results and fewer troublesome behaviors than those who join us at a later age.

Can I visit my puppy during the Board & Train?

For the best results, we recommend full immersion into the program with limited contact from the puppy’s at-home environment. Visitations pose a risk of old habits and bad behaviors resurfacing and inhibiting the dog’s progression. However, we do understand that being away from your furry friends can be difficult, which is why we send weekly updates with photos and videos to make the days just a little shorter. 🙂

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