Professional Dog Training In Lehi, UT



Jason is the owner and director of training at Canine by Design. He has worked with dogs of all breeds in both dog sport and behavioral training applications professionally for over 10 years. He established Canine by Design to improve the experience for both pet owners and their dogs seeking training and pet services.

Jason carries diplomas and licenses from the elite NePoPo® Silver and Gold Schools founded in Belgium and taught by Bart and Michael Bellon. He thoroughly enjoys training and working with dogs of all backgrounds, and his passion for life-long learning fuels his pursuit of mastery in the theory and language of modern dog training.

In the area of competitive sport and working dogs, he is a training consultant with several local Police K9 units throughout Utah and Colorado. He also competes with his own dogs in Schutzhund and is a certified trial helper in IGP (formerly known as “IPO” or “Schutzhund”) with 3 IGP organizations and is the training director of the Matrix Dogsport club. He is a professional member of the International Association of Canine Professionals and is a certified AKC Canine Good Citizen evaluator.

In addition to working with dogs, Jason spends time educating pet owners, working dog handlers, and other canine professionals in the theory of modern dog training. He graduated with a Bachelor’s degree in Psychology from Brigham Young University and enjoys the real-world applications of behavior theory in his work.

Jess was introduced to dog training in 2020 after seeking out help for her dog, a Giant Schnauzer x Poodle mix named Stevie. Training allowed Stevie to go from an uncontrollable puppy into a driven dog that quickly earned her first AKC CGC title. Jess’ passion for dog training and dog sport was ignited by the relationship she and Stevie developed through training. She and Stevie have since earned their AKC CGC-U, BH-VT in IGP, and BT in American Schutzhund. Jess hopes to earn their UPr1 in 2024.

Jess joined the Canine by Design team in February of 2022 as the office manager. She holds a Bachelor of Science in Communication Studies with a minor in Psychology and an Associate of Science in Humanities and Social Sciences from Utah Valley University. In 2024, Jess graduated from the elite NePoPo® New Silver School. She continues to expand her knowledge of dog training through various camps, workshops, and seminars hosted throughout the country.

In addition to training dogs, Jess enjoys powerlifting, bodybuilding, and a good mystery book. She and her husband are amateur ham radio enthusiasts and enjoy calling CQ from national parks. 

Ari graduated from Rutgers University with her Bachelor’s Degree in Animal Science. She has worked in animal welfare for over 15 years and was a Canine Behavior Assessor for the Animal Care Centers of NYC. Ari was mentored at Instinct Dog Behavior and Training in Englewood, NJ and became a Certified Professional Dog Trainer (CPDT-KA). She is also certified in Karen Pryor’s Puppy Start Right program and in progress toward completing her Canine Nutrition Certification (CNC). In addition to her canine welfare and behavior background, Ari has also been honing her technical skills as a Junior Software Developer. 

When not focused on business development for Canine by Design, she spends her free time with her family and three dogs: Chloe, a Pomeranian; Fin, an Australian Shepherd; and Krewe, an Australian Shepherd x Australian Cattle Dog mix.

Ashleigh was born into dog training. Her passion for dogs has always been part of her life. Ashleigh’s love for dog sport originated in the 1990’s, as her mother competed in IGP (formerly IPO). Ashleigh got her first dog,va black Schipperke, when she was 8 years old. Even as a young child, Ashleigh was passionate about training and went on to earn titles in AKC obedience with him and earned his CGC & CGCA.

Ashleigh purchased her first German Shepherd, Jetta, while in college. Jetta has earned her BH in IGP and the team is currently working toward earning their IGP1 and PDC titles in dog sport.

Outside of training dogs, Ashleigh worked as a veterinary assistant for 5 years. She also owns and operates a small hobby kennel for breeding health-tested, titled, and proven German Shepherd Dogs. Ashleigh is passionate about preserving the health, quality, and workability of the German Shepherd breed.

Training dogs is not Ashleigh’s only passion. She loves hiking, boating, horseback riding, and traveling with her family.

Dayna has been working with dogs for the last 9 years. She got her start with dogs as a kennel technician at a local training business where she was able to shadow experienced trainers. This gave her hands on experience with boarding and training dogs and since then, she has been actively training dogs for the past 7 years.

Dayna currently owns two German Shepherd Dogs, a Border Collie x Poodle, and a Weimaraner. She competed in PSA, a protection sport, with one of her German Shepherds and her Border Collie x Poodle, who is now retired. She is now preparing to compete in IGP (formerly schutzhund) with her German Shepherd. Dayna has previously competed in agility, dock diving, nose work, and disc dog competitions.

A fun fact about Dayna is that she competed on the TV show America’s Top Dog with her Border Collie x Poodle mix “Theo”. She placed first in her episode and won second in the overall competition!

Dayna also has a vast history of service dog work and has helped place dozens of service dogs into a variety of homes. Her service dog training includes; psychiatric assistance, veterans with PTSD, mobility assistance, hearing alert dogs, and medical alert dogs. Dayna is currently working to expand her skillset to include gluten and allergy detection.

Kaiya has a Bachelor of Science in Biology from the University of Utah. She lives in Sandy with her husband and their two dogs: a German Shepherd, Elka; and an Australian Cattle Dog mix, Mayzee. She is a graduate from Bart and Michael Bellon’s NePoPo® Silver and Gold Schools.

Kaiya has always enjoyed working with animals and first began with horses when she was nine years old. She competed in Three Day Eventing for many years before moving abroad.

She joined the Canine By Design team in June 2022 as a trainer. Kaiya is constantly developing her skills and knowledge in canine behavior and enjoys furthering her education by attending seminars and workshops.

Her dog, Mayzee, has earned novice scent titles in UKC nose work and her SR1 in GRC. Mayzee is working towards her SR2, advanced nose work, BH, and novice obedience titles. Her other dog, Elka, is currently preparing to earn a BH title in IGP (schutzhund).

When she is not spending time working dogs, you can find Kaiya planning her next trip abroad, reading an exciting adventure novel, or hitting the hiking trails with Mayzee.

Kota began training dogs in 2017. She got involved with dog training because of her Border Collie, Rigby. Kota has a background in working with pet dogs in multiple capacities including: running enrichment and group classes, conducting private training lessons, and board and train programs. The thing she loves most about dog training is assisting clients in strengthening their relationship with their dog. 

Kota is a graduate from Bart and Michael Bellon’s elite NePoPo® Silver School. She is a member of the International Association of Canine Professionals (IACP), and is a certified American Kennel Club (AKC) Canine Good Citizen evaluator. She has earned accreditations from the Canine-Human Relationship Institute and has also graduated from Salt Lake Community College with an Associate Degree in Health Science.

Kota joined the Canine By Design team as a trainer in 2022. Kota is passionate about learning and finding the best way to communicate to both the dog and the owner. She is currently working to graduate from the NePoPo® New Gold School. She also plans to participate in AKC Obedience and scent work with her dog, Rigby.

Mason joined the Canine By Design team as a trainer in 2023. His love for dogs started an early age, but his interest with learning and hands on experience began 6 years ago when he got his first German Shepherd. Mason’s career in dog training began at a doggy daycare facility, where he worked as a kennel tech and supervised dog socials. Shortly after, Mason helped establish a local Gameness, Relationship, and Control (GRC) club. Since then, he has attended multiple workshops and seminars to expand his knowledge and skillset. In 2023, Mason graduated from the elite NePoPo® New Silver School. In 2024, Mason became an IGP Certified Trial Helper for the German Shepherd Dog Club of America (GSDCA).

Mason currently owns a German Shepherd x Belgian Malinois mix, Cora; and a German Shepherd, Sylas. They are working toward earning Cora’s SR1 title in GRC. He also hopes to participate in upcoming UKC nose work events for their novice title. Mason and Sylas are currently a members of Matrix Dogsport and are working toward earning titles in IGP and American Schutzhund.

Mason loves to volunteer his time to help foster dogs. He enjoys helping them find forever homes.