Professional Dog Training In Lehi, UT



why dog training ?

The pet industry is growing with opportunities around every corner!

86.9 Million

Homes in America own a dog. Dogs are the most popular pet in the United States.

136.8 Billion

Was spent on pets in 2022. This was a 10.7% increase from 2021

27.6 Billion

The dog industry is worth 27.6 Billion USD, and is only expected to grow.


Unleash your potential for business success through Canine by Design’s location ownership program. Our comprehensive model empowers you to create or scale a business with confidence and freedom to become the business owner you’ve always wanted.



Our program eliminates unnecessary risks and wasted time trying to figure it out on your own.

Lower Financial Investment

Save money on start up costs, attorney fees, expensive loans, wasted marketing materials or ads that don’t convert to sales

Faster & More Agile

No need to write your own policies, procedures, contracts, or consult with attorneys and CRMs. Everything you need is handed to you on Day 1!

Avoid pitfalls

Our policies, contracts, and marketing campaigns are tested and proven to be effective in the dog industry.

Peace of Mind

We’ve built the vehicle to success, all you need to do is drive!


Unlike restrictive and expensive franchise models, our program gives you freedom to operate your business according to your vision. Maintain autonomy while delivering the quality of services and products that resonate with your customers. 


If you are passionate about dogs and want to advance as a professional in the dog training industry, this opportunity puts you on the path to success and profitability! The ideal candidate is someone who is driven, coachable, operates with integrity, and is dedicated to mastering the art of dog training.


Partnering with Canine by Design is available to select individuals who have a proven track record as a dog trainer. To learn how to run your business and avoid your business running you – contact us today!

How to get started:

You can find the form at the bottom of this page!

We understand that you’re going to have more questions, and a phone call is a great way to discuss those! We want to make sure that not only you are a good fit for us, but that we are a good fit for you!

This allows us to get more details on your existing business (if you have one) and better understand your goals for a new business.

If you have an existing business, this allows us to pinpoint target areas that need improvement. This allows us to focus on the areas that will give you the greatest benefit in the fastest amount of time.

This is where the rubber meets the road! Once the agreement is signed, we can officially begin building your business.

Make use of our business management software to track all of your leads! Avoid customers falling through the cracks, missed opportunities, and wasted time on follow up work.

Training dogs is one thing, but managing your business and client relationships may be an unfamiliar challenge. Our team is here to coach you, your trainers, and your office staff to ensure your business is running smoothly and client relationships can flourish.


Years of experience in sales and marketing have allowed us to combine automation with knowledge that generates top-tier leads, saving you money, time, and effort. You will experience an immediate surge in demand and sales for your business.


Leverage our expertise to navigate any business challenge with confidence, helping you overcome unique obstacles and create success at every opportunity.

Your Investment:

OUR Investment: