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At Canine by Design, we specialize in providing top-tier home protection solutions tailored for your specific needs. Our portfolio includes ready-to-go home protectors, meticulously prepared to serve as vigilant guardians for your household. Our team will collaborate closely with you to help you choose the dog that will be the optimal fit.

Already own a dog you’re looking to have trained? We also offer bespoke protection training programs in the form of private coaching sessions or a board & train for individuals who already have a valued canine companion. These programs are designed to enhance the protective capabilities of your existing dog, delivering a seamless integration of security and companionship.

Fully Trained, Family Ready Home Protectors

Our Home Protector program provides hand-selected dogs from the highest quality programs in the U.S. and Europe that are health tested, trained by us, and ready to join you and your family.

Discovery & Selection

Our thorough discovery process ensures we select the ideal dog for you. Available dogs will be carefully scrutinized for health and social temperament, energy level and drive, and task performance. We then provide suitable candidates for you to choose from.

Arrival & Training

Most dogs can be transported to our facilities within a reasonable time-frame to meet your needs. If selecting a dog from overseas, additional travel time may be required. After arrival, your new dog will begin its training program.

Owner Handoff & Maintenance

Once training for your new Home Protector is complete, we will bring your fully trained, family-ready companion to your home. At this appointment, we will make final observations on the how the dog is behaving and interacting with you and your family.

We will also provide demonstrations and review recommended care and living guidelines for your new member of the pack.

Private Coaching and Board & Trains

Canine by Design offers a Maintenance Training program for personal or family protection dogs that were sold as a pre-trained protection dog from another vendor. This program is designed to do the following:

  • Evaluate baseline performance capabilities of the dog (as it was sold), and identify new training outcomes that may be considered necessary to its role as a protection dog.
  • Provide real world, scenario-based training to ensure dog is still capable of optimal performance
  • Troubleshooting any problematic behaviors identified, within the scope of the program duration
  • Educate owners on the correct handling skills of a trained protection dog based on the scope of performance that the dog was initially trained to do.
Each week of the Private Coaching program consists of a single session lasting one hour. All recommended training equipment and devices are the financial responsibility of the owner to purchase. All primary owners of the dog are required to be present for, and participating in, each training session. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Not every dog is suitable for protection work. Working dog breeds tend to be more capable of protection work than your average family pet. Some breeds we recommend include:

  • German Shepherd
  • Belgian Malinois
  • Dutch Shepherd
  • Doberman
There are a few less-common breeds that may be a fit for individuals will specific needs. 

To be effective in their job while living a fulfilling life, a protection dog must have the right temperament and personality for protection work. When evaluating dogs for protection work, we look to see that the dog has stable nerves, confidence, and high biddability paired with strong working drives. These characteristics will ultimately determine our decision on whether or not a dog is suitable for this type of work.

Our team has a background primarily in protection sports such as American Schutzhund, IGP (formerly IPO), and PSA. These sports put an emphasis on safe biting practices, understanding how to channel certain drives, and precision – all of which transfer nicely to training home protectors.

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