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Basic Obedience

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If you are looking to start your dog off on the right foot and give them a solid foundation for obedience, then our Basic Obedience Board and Train program is the ideal option for you!

The goal of our Basic Obedience Board and Train program is to create reliable obedience which will enable you to more fully enjoy the companionship of your pet, both at home and on the go!

Basic Obedience Training Lehi Utah

While in our care, your pet will experience training in a variety of locations, such as: pet-friendly stores, public transit, and the home environment. Your dog will always be supervised and under a one-on-one training ration with a dedicated trainer to create a positive bonding experience and trusting relationship during the training program. Having your dog practice obedience in different environments, around with other safe pets and people nearby, will help them learn neutrality toward other pets, people, and distractions.  

Does my dog need training?

All dogs can benefit from structured obedience and education, regardless of their age. It is also always easier to begin your pet’s education sooner than later in order to set them up for a life free of conflict with you at home and for mutual enjoyment later in life. If you notice your dog is often distracted in new environments and around other dogs or people, this is a good indicator that they could benefit from training. 

Additionally, we recommend training if your dog is showing signs of nervousness, anxiety, or failing to engage with you in play or training. Introducing obedience into a dog’s life can help them become more confident, less anxious in unfamiliar situations, and give you confidence in having your pet accompany you wherever you wish to be.

What will my dog learn?

By the end of the Basic Obedience program, your dog will have learned the following behaviors: recall, sit-stay, down-stay, a ‘place’ command, loose leash walking/heeling, the proper greeting of other people (without jumping up), and will provide a general foundation of neutral behavior in the presence of other people and pets.

Will I get updates on my dog’s progress?

Yes! Our team provides a thorough weekly training update for every pet owner that has enrolled their dog in our program. Our trainers include a detailed summary of how the dog is progressing in training, what skills they are learning, what fun places they have visited, and what is to come in future weeks. Included in this weekly training journal are action photos and videos, so you can see their progress taking place.

What should I expect at the end of the program?

We provide a detailed take-home guide of instructions that will help set your pet up for success once it returns home. Our program also includes follow up training sessions with you at your home after we return the dog back to you. This will help you and your family learn the skills to effectively handle and communicate with your dog so the obedience learned with us will transfer smoothly to your home. 

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