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Canine by Design has been delivering premium service dogs for mobility assistance, medical alert, allergy detection, psychiatric support, and other service applications.

We can train a variety of tasks to meet the needs of the handler, whether that be mobility assistance, allergy identification, object location and retrieval, all of which are highly personalized to the individual requiring the assistance of a service dog.

A Service Dog is a dog that is trained to assist a handler with a disability by performing specific tasks. Service Dogs differ from emotional support animals because emotional support animals are not required to be able to perform specifically trained tasks and do not necessarily require the handler to have a disability that inhibits their ability to function in daily life. Service Animals are protected under the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) which allows them to accompany their handler into any public venue, including restaurants, shopping malls, and even on airplanes.

Types of Service Dogs

Hearing Assistance:

  • For those who are hearing impaired, a hearing dog can alert the handler to noises such as a phone chime, doorbell ring, car alarm, or someone attempting to converse with them.

Mobility Assistance:

  • Individuals who are confined to a wheelchair or walker may benefit greatly from a service dog that is trained to open doors, retrieve items, and assist with balance throughout the day.

Diabetic Alert Dogs:

  • These service dogs notify the handler of changes in their blood sugar and can often retrieve medical equipment or food.

Psychiatric Service Dogs:

  • These dogs are trained to assist handlers who suffer from Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD), Anxiety, and Depression. They can notify the owner of potential episodal triggers, provide deep-pressure therapy, and build confidence in the handler.

Allergy Detection Dogs:

  • These dogs are trained to “sniff out” and alert the handler of foods that contain ingredients they are allergic to, such as; peanuts and gluten.

Examples of Tasks

Retrieval: Many service dogs are trained to locate and retrieve specific items for a handler. This could be the retrieval of clothing to assist in daily dressing, retrieval of medication, and the retrieval of dropped items.

Alert: The ability to alert the handler in case of a certain stimuli or environmental factor is also imperative for service dogs. Some service dogs can alert their handler as to if their blood pressure is too high or low, if the handler is about to have a seizure, or can alert if someone is approaching.

Environmental Actions: Some service dogs are able to interact with their environment to assist the handler with mobility. This includes helping them brace themselves to stand or sit; opening doors, windows, and blinds; carrying items such as a purse or bag(s); and finding a specific person.

Best Breeds and Temperament For Service Work

Not every dog is suitable for service dog work.  We currently only offer pre-trained service dogs available for purchase after meeting with you individually to assess your specific needs.  Once your needs have been identified, our team will locate suitable dogs from our network of reputable breeders and begin the training process of your new service companion.

It is important to note that dogs trained for personal or home protection, and emotional support animals, are not considered to be qualified service dogs.  

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