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Traveling with a Pet

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Traveling with a pet does not have to be a headache or a burden. There are so many benefits to having your pets join you on trips in a calm, orderly way.

If your relatives invite you and your pet to a wedding or family reunion, or if you need to take your pet out of your neighborhood for medical treatment, prepare in advance. You don’t want to worry that your pet will be loud, fearful, aggressive, or traumatized by the experience.

Professional training is one option if you have time before your trip. Professional trainers can familiarize your cherished pet with the process of traveling with a pet via several modes of travel. Once your pet is used to the situations it might encounter while in transit and know how to respond, it will be calmer and more cooperative. 

Getting Ready to Travel with a Pet

Consult your pet’s vet before making travel arrangements to be sure that your pet is healthy enough to make the trip. Double-check that you have any medication and other accessories that it might need. Bring additional treats and favorite toys whenever possible if you need to calm or comfort your pet. 

Before you travel with your pet, gather toys, food, blankets, and other items it will need. Even if your pet is comfortable with travel, it might get antsy if you have to gather its belongings after you get it in the car. Additionally, put an absorbent pad in the carrier so your dog can relieve itself if it needs to, particularly if you encounter delays on your journey.

Keeping Your Pet Comfortable on the Road

Whether you travel by car, plane, or train, you will have to get your pet into your car or a taxi. Travel with your pet is also essential for trips to the vet or groomer.

If you are traveling with other people, ask a passenger to talk to your pet and entertain it while you drive. Avoid taking your eyes off the road to attend to your pet, and pull off the road if it needs anything. 

Plan to stop frequently on longer trips to give your pet chances to rest and stretch its legs. Never leave your dog alone in the car to prevent it from overheating. Also, do not drive with your pet in the front seat to protect it from the airbags in a crash.  

Train or Plane Travel with a Pet

Check with the train company or airline before booking travel. Make sure you understand the boarding process and the experience your dog will have. If you are traveling with a pet inside the United States, be familiar with the TSA procedure for going through the security checkpoint well in advance of your departure.

Training Your Pet for Traveling

Most pets are more likely to behave if you acclimate them to as many aspects of travel as possible. During training sessions, experts will try to replicate the conditions that your dog might encounter when, for example, being in the backseat of a car or going through a security checkpoint. 

Crate training can be an important step in preparing your dog for many types of travel. When your pet has a comfortable space that it associates with safety and its normal routine, you can bring the enclosure with you, and rest assured that both your pet and other passengers will feel safe throughout the journey.

Training can also help your pet overcome fears that could cause it to bark or show signs of aggression. A systematic program of behavior analysis and modification can identify potential triggers and help your pet to be less fearful and more comfortable.

Professional Training Services with Canine By Design

You can do a lot to prepare your dog for traveling, but an experienced professional trainer can make the process more efficient. For example, even with good intentions, pet owners can unintentionally become impatient with their dogs and cause their pets to associate traveling with anxiety.

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